Some of my professional output. I develop content and communication strategies for a living. I also own PIXXIE LAB, a brand that empowers you to live freely and chase after colossal dreams.

Editor, Gamechangers

Gamechangers is the Philippine Department of Finance’s electronic newsletter.

Former Contributor, Preview

Preview Magazine is the most comprehensive source for fashion, beauty, parties, and celebrity style in the Philippines.

Former Contributor, When In Manila

When In Manila is an online metro guide focused on Manila and the Philippines.

Former Writer, Modern Filipina is an online magazine whose aim is to empower Filipino women.

Senior Copywriter (Freelance)

International Alert Philippines. (2021). Resource Use and Management Planning (RUMP) – People’s Resource Use Agenda (PRUA), Municipality of Bubong, Lanao del Sur. Quezon City, Philippines.

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