has a soft spot for all things romantic, heartbreaking, and beautiful

Hi! I’m Leanne. As written above, I have a soft spot for all things romantic, heartbreaking, and beautiful.

I get inspired by passionate people who are in love with the work that they do. I enjoy reading and personally believe that Paulo Coelho and Taylor Swift speak to me directly through their books and music, respectively.

Writing (and other forms of communication) has always been my tool to process my thoughts and feelings about anything and everything in the world.

I love love and relationships. I think that, without those two, life is definitely not worth living. In my opinion, there are really only three questions to constantly ask yourself and the people you surround yourself with:

  1. Are you being genuine?
  2. Are you being intentional?
  3. Do you love?

If you answer no to any one of those, then what’s the point?

This website has two parts: thoughts and feelings. I enjoy all kinds of experiences and, in the words of one of my favorite writers Lena Dunham, “I just want to feel it all.”