The worst thing about online dating

Contrary to popular belief, there are rules to online dating. With more people resorting to Bumble and Tinder to date around because of the pandemic, creating a dating profile essentially shows you as ‘available’ to a huge chunk of the population.

But does engaging in online dating means you’re also waiving your right to privacy? Definitely not.

The worst thing about online dating is people are forgetting how to respect an individual’s privacy.


Believe me, there is a reason why you didn’t match. If you see a person you like and you swiped right, but you’re wondering why it’s taking so long for you to match with them — then they probably swiped left on your profile. Please, don’t stalk them on social media and slide into their DMs. Do you really want to be that creep?

Again, wait for a match to happen! Believe that they will or did see your profile. If you end up matching, great! If you didn’t, then please respect their decision.

This happens to so many girls I know, including myself and my sister. Some guys would message us on Instagram saying, “saw you on Bumble and wanted to say hi.”

Dude, if we wanted to say ‘hello’ back, we would have swiped right!

I love Bumble because it gives women the power to make the first move. By stalking non-matches on social media, understand that you are taking that power away from them.

If you do this, then know that what you’re doing makes people uncomfortable and violated.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to girls who put their links on their profiles. But if they didn’t put any social media accounts on their bios, then take that as a note that they don’t want to be followed outside of the app.

It saddens me that this is something that I felt the urge to write about when, as a decent human being, this should already be understood and given.

It saddens me that we still have to yet again ask to be respected.

Published by leanne

Leanne has a soft spot for all things romantic, heartbreaking, and beautiful. She is inspired by passionate people who are in love with the work that they do. Leanne enjoys reading and thinks that Paulo Coelho speaks to her directly through his books. She often constructs run-on sentences and is an advocate of the usage of the oxford comma.

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